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What is Rapid Serial Visual Projection?
Rapid Serial Visual Projection is the process of blasting words onto the screen. In this dynamic representation of text, each word is flashed on the screen one at a time in succession. The reader is less inclined to "oralize" the text, rather the reader interprets whole words as meaningful written symbols. Automatic re-reading of adjacent previous text is therefore rendered impossible. This results in much higher reading speeds than are possible with conventional techniques.

Current Features
GnomeRSVP at this time provides the following features:

* Gnome compliance
* Font Selection
* Color Selection
* Text, HTML, and PDF file support
* Session Support
* Remembers Last Location and Position
* URL support!

* Variable speed from 120 to 6000 words per minute

Planned Features
As development increases expect to see the following:

* Support for more file formats
* Read from buffer
* Bookmarks


Gnome 1.4
Gtk+ 1.2
Gtk Perl (version >= 0.7006 required)
If you are having trouble and you have the Ximian Gtk-Perl RPMS try to do a "perl -I/usr/lib/perl5/5.6.0/i386-linux /usr/bin/gnomersvp" to execute gnomersvp.(

Gnome RSVP 1.4 TGZ 22KB
Gnome RSVP 1.4 i386 RPM 11KB
Gnome RSVP 1.4 SRPM 24KB

If you make enhancements to GnomeRSVP please contact the package maintainer, Gregory S Hayes

Access anonymous CVS with:

cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.gnomersvp.net:/cvsroot/gnomersvp1 login

cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.gnomersvp.net:/cvsroot/gnomersvp1 co gnomersvp

If you find GnomeRSVP interesting check out the following links:

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Nooface.Net - A look at new ideas in user interfaces. (Includes an article on GnomeRSVP!)
Project Gutenberg - A great place to grab some books to read with GnomeRSVP
Optimizing Reading - A paper about RSVP
Applying the RSVP Technique to Small Screens - Master's Thesis of Karin Sicheritz

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